Coming to Kickstarter this summer, the AWFULLY CHEERFUL ENGINE! is a roleplaying game of action comedy which lovingly parodies some of your favourite pop-culture tropes. With a foreword by Sandy Petersen, co-author of the Ghostbusters RPG!



Welcome to the AWFULLY CHEERFUL ENGINE! — a roleplaying game of action comedy! Play as a Hero and save the world! Talking animals and aliens, vampires and elves, cowboys and spacemen -- the worlds of action cinema and cartoon mayhem are yours! From fantasy realms to galaxies in the far-flung future, the streets of Manhattan to the depths of Transylvania, the whole universe is your sandbox!

A.C.E! is a love letter to 80s RPGs like West End Games’ Ghostbusters, cartoons like Dangermouse and TMNT, and fun-packed action films. A.C.E! is a loving parody of some of the most well-known pop culture icons.

If you’ve ever held a comic-book in your hand, the AWFULLY CHEERFUL ENGINE! will feel very familiar!

The core rulebook is just 30 pages in a bright, colorful comic-book sized format. We even gave it an issue number, like a comic-book!

After that, each issue is a standalone adventure, designed for one-shots or short campaigns. One week you might be fighting ghosts on the streets of Manhattan, and the next you might be exploring the frontiers of space in your trusty starship!

One thing will always stay the same though. We don’t take anything seriously! Life’s too short for that!

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