Grand Galactic Tour

Grand Galactic Tour

From Earth to Uq

We mentioned the fact that the Judge Child story line jets off into the wide reaches of space in our breakdown of the saga. Of course, the galaxy is a vast region inhabited by numerous planets, many of which have barely felt the iron fist of the Justice Department, if at all. Interstellar travellers would be wise to arm themselves with as much knowledge of the region they're visiting as possible before heading off on a journey, lest they risk getting eaten by living planets. Luckily, the Judge Child supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD comes fully loaded with a gazetteer of the galaxy!

The gazetteer of the galaxy chapter for the Judge Child supplement is essentially exactly what the title states: a listing of prominent systems and planets that have appeared not just withing the pages of the Judge Child saga but also throughout various other Judge Dredd related stories and material. This chapter is literally packed full of prominent places for your PCs to visit as part of a planet-hopping campaign. Maybe a group of Judges need to serve as part of a diplomatic mission to an alien species, or perhaps they are tracking a dangerous criminal across the galaxy in order to stop the perp wreaking more havoc? This chapter definitely has you covered for potential pit stops and full story arcs along the way!

Beginning with the Big Meg and exploring some of the Cursed Earth regions and settlements that Joe visits at the beginning of the Judge Child strip, the gazetteer soon leaves Earth's atmosphere to take a tour across the galaxy. Starting with our very own solar system and its earthly influence, the chapter initially explores hot spots and major settlements throughout Sol. It's worth mentioning that a hop across the solar system would also be a great opportunity to introduce the characters to the Luna-1 colony.

Having left the familiarity of our own solar system behind, the gazetteer then launches into the frontier and unexplored space, with an A-Z listing of the many potential places that can be visited. From the war-ravaged planet of Agros and its eternally squabbling inhabitants to Uq and its diminutive species that are descended from avians, this chapter has all of your alien options covered!

That's it for this interstellar tour. We hope you enjoyed your journey. Please be sure to check your body for missing pieces as you disembark as our travel insurance policy does not cover you for jigsaw disease.

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