GPG Issue #23 Is Ready To Roll Initiative

GPG Issue #23 Is Ready To Roll Initiative

The latest issue of the Gate Pass Gazette, the official magazine of Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition, has arrived! You can check it out on Patreon here.

One-on-One: Mechanics for Duels and Single Combat
Adventurers fighting hordes of undead, groups of bandits, and various collections of dangerous wildlife are classic scenes in the fantasy landscape. However, there is nothing quite like the feeling of engaging another combatant one-on-one, using everything at one’s disposal to come out on top. The stories that tell of brave knights, cunning duelists, and brash brawlers that made their name during a legendary duel are many. Now, the following mechanics can help new characters cement their name in legend just the same. By Tyler R Lee and Savannah Broadway

Cultural Gear: Not All Who Wander Are Lost

The next installment of the Cultural Gear articles that started with “Well Equipped: Cultural Gear” in Gate Pass Gazette Issue #19, this collection of equipment is tied to the unique concerns and needs of people groups that live on the move: the Caravanner, Circusfolk, Itinerant, and Nomad cultures. Their gear tends to be portable, sturdy, and shielded from the elements. By Peter N Martin.

Mighty Mini Mounted Martials: Archetypes for Small-Size Riders

These disciplines are the means of mundane warriors of smaller stature to make use of mounts that larger adventurers are unable to ride. Gnomes, halflings, and other short folk head into battle atop these beasts to coast through the water, scale shear walls, soar across the sky, or tunnel beneath the earth! By Mike Myler.

Shadows of the Self: The Shadowcast Heritage

A dark mirror of the Material Plane, the Bleak Gate is often perceived as a terrifying, lifeless place dominated by the cursed, the exiled, and the undead. But among the abandoned ruins and the tormented whispers there exist the people known as the shadowcasts, reflections of sapient creatures on the Material Plane. While their “counterparts” (as they are called) are completely ignorant of their existence, shadowcasts are aware of their extraplanar twins on a basic level. Most elect to ignore them out of fear of driving themselves mad with crises of identity, but a few journey out from the Bleak Gate in search of their counterparts—for good or ill. By Jessy Mullins.

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