Gate Pass Gazette’s February Articles

Gate Pass Gazette’s February Articles

Gate Pass Gazette #24 is on its way, and here’s a peek at its contents!

Nature’s Reflections: Druid Archetypes of the Mirror Planes
What happens when Druidic study extends beyond the realm of the material world and delves into the nature of the mirrorplane dimensions? This article presents the abilities of druids that have steeped themselves in the magic of the Dreaming and the Bleak Gate. By Anthony Alipio.

Humble Beginnings: Backgrounds From the Lower Classes
Not all heroes come from grandiose or famed backgrounds, or even from comfortable ones. This article details the backgrounds of some of those who started lower on the social ladder, many of whom had to fight for everything they have. By Tyler Omichinski.

Ingenious Synergy Feats
What character couldn’t be improved by a touch of genius? This article presents the first official synergy feats for the artificer and savant classes, from Gate Pass Gazette #0 and Adventures in ZEITGEIST respectively, allowing an even more diverse cast of characters to benefit from their prodigious intellects! By Clarke Peterson.

Tangle of Bridges: The Trollkin
Before there were bridges and rhymes about billygoats, the trolls hid under rock and hill, quietly waiting for their dinners to wander by. When humans and dwarves and other builders came, they brought with them bridges and crossroads and so many wonderful places to wait and snatch a meal. But as time passed and troll hunters worked their craft, it became not just the biggest trolls who stayed alive and fed, but the cleverest. For many, trading treasures or even working was far more reliable for getting fed than snatching travelers. As mutable as trolls are, it didn’t take all that long for a new form to develop. Thus, the trollkin were born. By Andrew Engelbrite.

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