Forgotten Flutes, Missing Brides and Spells Galore

Forgotten Flutes, Missing Brides and Spells Galore

Welcome to the latest news! This week, another successful Kickstarter, adventures and trinkets, and more spells then you can shake a wand at.


Only a few hours left to go on our current Kickstarter, Over the Next Hill 2: 6 Plug-In Settlements for your 5E Game.


Level Up

This week, we took an in-depth look at the exploration aspects of the upcoming Level Up - which lands on Kickstarter October 5th.

Spells of the Ages

A grand collection of wizarding goodness, our latest D&D supplement Spells of the Ages adds a mighty 38 spells, the ecomancy school of magic and plenty of magical upgrades.


Ivory knights, forgotten flutes and an ever-shifting map feature in Thanks For the Memories, the latest issue of EONS. It features almost a dozen charming Enchanted Trinkets based on mnemonic themes.

En5ider #409

The latest D&D mini-adventure from EN5ider A Trade of Bride and Pride sees you tracking down the kidnapped wife of a local guard captain. However, things are much more complex than they initially seem. Keep up to date with the latest En5ider news over at the official Patreon.

On Our Podcast

Morrus and Peter were joined on the podcast by Mike Olson to talk about Carbon Grey: The Role-Playing Game and Omnibus. 



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