EN Publishing News:  Vampires, Coins and a Fine Shrubbery

EN Publishing News: Vampires, Coins and a Fine Shrubbery

Greetings everyone! It’s been a busy week at EN Publishing, with some upcoming Awfully Cheerful Engine! adventures that take on everything from vampires to oubliettes, an extra-special Monty Python inspired EN5ider issue that is free for all (Denise the Anarcho-Syndicalist would certainly approve) and a vast trove of magic items and their respective prices from Level Up Advanced 5E. 

Awfully Cheerful Engine!

Following the spectacular success (and ample stretch goals) of the Awfully Cheerful Engine! Kickstarter, numerous exciting ACE! adventures are on the horizon.

These include Orcs & Oubliettes, which parodies the world’s most famous roleplaying game, the delightfully vampiric and mysterious Bite Me, and Domes of Thunder, an adventure that draws from the wild post-apocalyptic fun of Mad Max. Learn more about the new ACE adventures here.


This weekend, En5ider reached its 400th article! To celebrate, EN5ider has released an extra sized bumper issue free for everyone titled On Second Thought, Never mind, it's Very Silly.

Inside you’ll find a coterie of delightful creatures, including a Shrubber, Denise the Anarcho-Syndicalist, a host of knights, plus cursed obstacles such as the Kingdom of Musical Numbers and powerful magic items such as the sacred hand grenade. Perfect for fans of Monty Python and whimsy.

Level Up

Our upcoming tabletop RPG Level Up Advanced 5E takes your Dungeons & Dragons rules to the next level. Check out this free table which contains magic items, their price and numerous notes on how they differ from items available in the original Dungeons & Dragons 5E. Take a gander over at the Level Up 5E website.

On Our Podcast

This week, Morrus and co explored the ongoing TSR Games controversy, plus plenty of news relating to both imminent and current Dungeons & Dragons content. 

Listen to the podcast over at Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG talk, and enjoy a brand new sketch about the importance of linear time in communication.



With one week left to go, our Spells of the Ages: Archmagic for D&D 5E campaign has reached over £16,000. Packed full of spells and a brand new magic school for wizards, get your pledge in over at the official Kickstarter.


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