EN Publishing News: Cursed Jugglers, Murder Most Foul and Demon Lords

EN Publishing News: Cursed Jugglers, Murder Most Foul and Demon Lords

Greetings all! With only 13 weeks to go until Level Up Advanced 5E, this week includes a murder mystery Kickstarter success, a most persuasive performer and a swathe of potions. Lets get started.


Murder. Conspiracy. Secrets. Our latest Dungeons & Dragons 5E adventure for the ZEITGEIST setting, Death of the Author, takes you on a dark adventure to a remote manor. There’s still one week left on Kickstarter.

Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD

Introducing the latest Rogue Trooper Compilation, Tour of Nu-Earth 1, a collection of scenarios written for the Rogue Trooper roleplaying game supplement. Pull on your chemsuit and check your ammunition, there’s a war to win soldier!

Level Up Advanced 5E

Our upcoming tabletop RPG Level Up Advanced 5E takes your Dungeons & Dragons rules to the next level. The latest update explores how Level Up A5E will take to virtual tabletops.

On our Podcast

This week, Morrus and Co explored the delights of the RPG kitchen, plus the latest tabletop RPG news. 



Over in our D&D 5E magazine, EN5ider, meet the devious Illusive Fool, who draws a crowd so he may better unlock a planar gate - and unleash the inscrutable god-like entity within it.


Including demon lords, subterranean insectoid traders, and enough Bloodwort, to see you through a pinch, check out the latest WOIN supplements in our store. Check our the EONs magazine to learn more

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