An Eye to the Future

An Eye to the Future

The last few weeks have been awfully ACE! Quite literally. Last week's blog took a tour of the stars as we delved into Beam Me Up, which serves as the last of the four adventures that will be available to support the core rulebook when the crowdfunding campaign launches. We've had so much fun producing the run of books, however, that we've already planned the next set of adventures in the series. So what does the future hold for the ACE! lineup of parodies? Stay tuned as we gaze into the future to find out!

A list of items available during the kickstarter!

If you've been following our blog concerning ACE!, you'll already know that we have Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Stranger Things, and Star Trek parodies, namely: Spirits of Manhattan, Montana Drones and the Raiders of the Cutty Sark, Strange Science, and Beam Me Up. So where do we head to next?

It was quite an easy choice when it came down to it. We've opted to provide some more comic relief in a parody of world produced by someone well known for their satire and comedic timing. In our first installment following crowdfunding, or the sixth 'issue' in the ACE! line to be precise, we'll be heading to Ringworld and joining the Dusk Watch as they try to save the city of Heq Moreveg from certain destruction.

Leaving Ringworld behind for now, we'll then be crashing back down somewhere closer to home as we hunt for things that go bump in the night. No, not ghosts, we've already done that! This time, we'll be bouncing around the grim back streets of various cities during the Victorian Era as the Heroes go on the hunt for Dracula and other monsters of lore. There will be vampires and werewolves and ghouls, oh my!

From there, we keep the fangs and fur theme, only this time in a more Hero-centric capacity as they take on the mantle of super sleuth mice and heroes in half-shells. They're the greatest. They're fantastic! Wherever there is danger they'll be there! Working as part of the Secret Service under Colonel M, the Heroes will need to act quickly to foil the plans of infamous villains such as Baroness Maggie Von Bluesleeves and Tatter. Accidental Anthropomorphic Animal Heroes awaits!

Finally, we head into the post-apocalypse and jump into gas guzzling vehicular monstrosities in Domes of Thunder. Expect lots of chrome, spikes, 80s rock hairstyles and car chases as the Heroes go head-to-head with Mortis Glo and his crazed followers. Time to get a little Mad, Max?

Plenty of high-jinx and capers await! But make sure to keep your eye out for the launch of our imminent kickstarter in the meantime. You can visit the ACE! website for more news or sign up on kickstarter to be notified of launch. We look forward to you joining us there!

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